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Ballot Measures (March 2020)

Statewide Ballot Measures

13 Yes School and College Facilities Bond


Local Ballot Measures

County of San Diego A No Blocks New Housing; Too Many Loopholes
County of San Diego B No Newland Sierra: Unaffordable Luxury Homes
City of San Diego C Yes Convention Center and Homeless Programs
City of San Diego D Yes Fairer S.D. Audmit Committee Appointments
City of Chula Vista E Yes Lets Union Firms Bid on Chula Vista Projects
City of Lemon Grove S Yes 3/4-Cent Sales Tax in Lemon Grove
City of National City  H Yes Appointing National City's Clerk and Treasurer
City of National City  J Yes Ban on Puppy Mills in National City
City of Oceanside K No Appointing Oceanside's Clerk & Treasurer
Cajon Valley Union School District L Yes Cajon Valley School Bond
Chula Vista Elementary School District M Yes Chula Vista Elementary School Bond
Lakeside Union School District R Yes Lakeside School Bond
Poway Unified School District  P Yes Poway School Bond
San Ysidro School District T Yes San Ysidro School Bond
San Ysidro School District U Yes San Ysidro School Bond


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