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Become a Precinct Leader

One voter at a time. Hundreds of volunteers with our Grassroots Organizing Team connect with voters in their communities, building better turnout with a personal touch. By walking and talking with voters, we average a 14% increase in Democratic voter turnout in our GO Team covered precincts.

That's how Democrats win - with an outreach operation that works precinct-by-precinct, block-by-block, door-by-door, person-to-person.

We're organized by community - helping build grassroot support for Democratic values and candidates by walking/calling our precincts with a list of all the endorsed candidates to encourage full-ticket voting. We provide training, support, and all the materials you'll need to talk to Democratic-friendly voters or to provide data support. We would be glad to have your help. 

We need volunteers to contact voters with our slates of endorsed democrats! Can you help? Sign up today for a training to get everything you need to walk door to door successfully! 

Email or call (858) 277-3367 to learn more!