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Central Committee

Our Central Committee is the governing body of the County Democratic Party as defined in the California Government Code and Elections Code. It is comprised of local Democrats elected by voters in each Assembly District during Presidential Election years, as well as partisan-level Democratic elected officials and nominees. (For more information, see our Bylaws and Policies & Procedures.) 

This group conducts the County Party's general business, approves its budget, coordinates Democratic campaign activity, and endorses candidates for local offices. 

The times and dates of upcoming Central Committee meetings are posted on our calendar

Central Committee members in the East, Metro West, North, and South Areas of the county also meet periodically in their respective regions; dates, times and locations of upcoming Area meetings are posted on our calendar.  

AD 71 Members

  1. Erin Clark
  2. Sharon Cox
  3. Christina Perry
  4. Marilyn Riley
  5. Tina Rynberg
  6. Judith Walters

AD 75 Members

  1. Gloria Conejo
  2. Theresa Corrales
  3. Gibhran Jimenez
  4. Heather Roberts
  5. Georgine Tomasi
  6. Vanessa Valenzuela

AD 76 Members

  1. Francine Busby
  2. Megan Ley
  3. Cecily Resnick
  4. Sheri Sachs
  5. Esther Sanchez
  6. Linda Slater

AD 77 Members

  1. Octavio Aguilar
  2. Lauren Bier
  3. Esther Escovedo 
  4. Lori Saldaña
  5. Ryan Trabuco
  6. Melinda Vásquez

Club Development Committee

Codi Vierra, Chair (Email)
Indroneal Banerjee
Justin Domecillo
Kyra Greene
Rob Howard
Anna Webb

Grassroots Organizing Committee

Cecily Resnick, Chair (Email)
Dina Feldman-Scarr
Jennifer Spencer
Cynara Velasquez

Committee on Racial and Gender Equity

Dr. Kyra Greene, Co-Chair (Email)
Roberto Alcanta, Co-Chair (Email)
Mejgan Afshan
Temika Cook
Ryan Darsey
Sarah Elfeky
Zachary Gomez
George Khoury
Rafael Perez
Evelyn Thomas
Amna Zuberi

Candidate and Evaluations Committee

Dr. Lawana Richmond, Co-Chair (Email)
Jehoan Espinoza, Co-Chair (Email)
Brenda Aguirre
Rick Bates
Tiffany Boyd-Hodgson
Erin Clark
Ryan Darsey
Jimmy Karam
Ruth Rollins
Linda Slater
Cipriano Vargas


AD 78 Members

  1. Rick Bates
  2. Sarah Davis
  3. Pratima Gupta
  4. Bryan Pease
  5. Will Rodriguez-Kennedy
  6. Becca Taylor

AD 79 Members

  1. Evlyn Andrade
  2. Taisha Brown
  3. Donnetta Moore
  4. Daniel Ortiz
  5. Steve Padilla
  6. Eduardo Reyes

AD 80 Members

  1. David Alvarez
  2. Andrea Cardenas
  3. Nathan Fletcher
  4. Vivian Moreno
  5. Eddie Padilla
  6. Gretel Rodríguez

Lifetime Members

Betty Ball
Poppy DeMarco Dennis
Janet Gastil
Kathleen Harmon
Bob Jellison
Kelly King
Michelle Krug
Phyllis McGrath
Bonnie Price

Ethics Committee

Will Rodriguez-Kennedy, Chair (Email)
Lauren Bier, Co-Chair (Email)
Dan Shook-Castillo, Co-Chair (Email)
Octavio Aguilar
Kate Bishop
Sharon Cox
Gene Mullaly
Tazheen Nizam
Shane Parmely
Craig Roberts

Resolutions Committee

Becca Taylor, Chair (Email)
Dina Feldman-Scarr
Michael Gelfand
Kathleen Harmon
Samm Hurst
Ehab Shehata

Issues and Advocacy Committee'

Dr. Tiffany Boyd-Hodgson, Co-Chair (Email)
Will Rodriguez Kennedy, Co-Chair (Email)
Kilian Colin
Christina Griffin
Narima Lopes
Naomi Miller
Donnetta Moore
Arcela Nunez Alvarez
Ehab Shehata
Dan Shook-Castillo
Rajali Walker

Ex-Officio and Designated Members

Toni Atkins
Tasha Boerner Horvath
Ammar Campa-Najjar
Marggie Castellano
Jess Durfee
Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher
Jeff Griffith
Jessica Hayes
Ben Hueso
Sara Jacobs
Elizabeth Lavertu
John Loughlin
Brian Maeinschein
Ricardo Ochoa
Susan Peinado
Scott Peters
Alice Pipkin-Allen
Kevin Sabellico
Mike Schaefer
Cori Schumacher
Kate Schwartz-Frates
Juan Vargas
Nora Vargas
Shirley Weber
Chris Ward

Administration Committee

Emily Bonner, Chair (Email)
Andrea Cardenas
Ross Pike
Kevin Sabellico
Kenya Taylor
Ryan Trabuco

Platform Committee

Rick Bates, Co-Chair (Email)
Brenda Aguirre, Co-Chair (Email)
Martha Alvarado
Rick Bates
Matthew Cappiello
Temika Cook
Enrique Diaz
Yvonne Griffin
Tiffany Maple
Georgine Tomasi

Community Service Committee

Diana Aguirre, Co-Chair (Email)
Luke Tesluk, Co-Chair (Email)
Brandon Coopersmith
Jana Johnson
Nadia Kean-Ayub
Rod Matthews
Mary McKenzie
Christina Perry
Braulio Sanabria