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Chair's Statement on Membership Challenge

The San Diego County Democratic Party has received requests to revoke the membership of Mickey Kasperian, one of approximately 170 people who serve on the County Democratic Central Committee. Following is a response by Party Chair Jessica Hayes: 

“To the women who have come forward with claims about Mr. Kasperian, and to others who have raised their voices in support, please know this: We hear you. I have been a woman in the workforce, in business, and in politics long enough to know how difficult situations like this can be. 

“The San Diego County Democratic Party is an organization governed by bylaws, which include criminal conviction as a cause for removal, but not alleged behavior. Our Executive Board’s decision not to pursue Mr. Kasperian’s removal was based on our written rules.

“As a political organization, we are not equipped to determine the facts or adjudicate the claims in such serious cases. The legal system is the appropriate forum for both the accusers and the accused to receive the due process that they deserve.”