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Democratic Leadership is Strong ... Even in Congress

While recent polling among voters clearly shows the different priorities of Republicans and Democrats, the one thing they agree on is their frustration with Congress. Americans think Congress is dysfunctional and disconnected from the reality of their lives. 

Under Republican leadership, approval of Congress has sunk to a miserable 9% approval rating. The 114th Congress has passed a nearly record-breaking-low number of laws, and Republican are still engaged in a rancorous battle to shut down the government over defunding Planned Parenthood. Americans are rightly fed up with the “my way or the highway” governing style of the GOP.

Urgent issues that face the United States go unaddressed. Policies that would create good-paying jobs, repair aging infrastructure, combat climate change, solve the student debt crisis, reform our broken immigration system, update the Voting Rights Act, and ensure that our social safety net remains fiscally fit just wither and die before even coming up for a vote. 

As divided an unproductive as Congress is, the voters have brought this on by electing state legislatures that gerrymander districts and by sitting out midterm elections that often decide the balance of congressional power.

By contrast, House Democrats -- who lack the advantages of the majority members to set agendas and call for votes -- continue to work on creating sensible policies that promote equality, opportunity, prosperity, and sustainability for all.

San Diego is fortunate to have a majority-Democratic congressional delegation that has worked tirelessly on our behalf. Congresswoman Susan Davis, Congressman Juan Vargas, and Congressman Scott Peters are thoughtful and hard-working leaders who really research issues and make tough decisions.They do not always agree with each other, and we may not always agree with them, but together they have fought hard to represent San Diego County in Washington, D.C.

Representatives Vargas, Davis, and Peters are fighting hard for San Diego, even in a climate of gridlock and status quo. They have secured hundreds of millions of dollars in funding to help veterans, create jobs, and boost our regional economy, among many other projects and priorities. Click here to read the highlights about some bills they've authored this term.