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The Chair's Corner

How the Registration Surge Can Lead to Local Victories

June 1, 2016 The Chair's Corner

"Thanks largely to the competitive Democratic presidential primary, the voter registration surge in California has increased the number of voters in the state by at least 2 million people, including about 200,000 in San Diego County. This weekend, volunteers will fan out to deliver candidate information, verify polling locations, and personally ask people to vote. We know from experience that many of our new voters will need some extra outreach to ensure that they turn out -- not just for president, but for the full slate of Democrats on the ballot."

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Don't Underestimate Trump -- Stop Him

May 26, 2016 The Chair's Corner

"Donald Trump is not suited in any way to be President of the United States. He is appealing to the basest instincts of man and inflaming divisions in a country that's been riven by a political agenda of fear and hate. We cannot allow apathy, indifference or lack of resolve allow him to go unchallenged. It is up to each of us to stand up and speak out for what is right. Let's show that together, we are better than one man’s racism and hate."

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Eduardo Reyes and Chula Vista's Renaissance: A Perfect Match

May 19, 2016 The Chair's Corner

"In Chula Vista, we currently have a city council candidate whose energy and vision are a perfect match for the energy and vision of his city. Chula Vista means 'beautiful view' in Spanish, and Eduardo Reyes has just such an outlook for the future of the second-largest municipality in the county. He is running as the endorsed Democratic candidate in District 4, which encompasses the heavily Latino and Democratic southwest part of the city. He has the vision and skills to move the district -- and the whole city -- toward a vibrant future." 

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Hunter on a Slippery Slope to Scandal

May 12, 2016 The Chair's Corner

"Duncan D. Hunter is an embarrassment -- and is on a slippery slope to scandal. Abandoning the name he used all his life, D. Dwayne Hunter, he assumed his father's name, Duncan D. Hunter to run for Congress in 2008. Under the new name, he won his father's seat in the heavily Republican 52nd district (now the 50th). Now he's making news, and it's not the kind he wants.

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Don't Let These Hot Local Races Fly Under the Radar

May 5, 2016 The Chair's Corner

"You'd have to live on the Mars not to have heard of our tumultuous U.S. Presidential campaigns. But what do you know about candidates running for Superior Court, County Board of Education, or Community College Board? The truth is that even the most informed voters are often in the dark about candidates in these “downballot” races. Our candidates for Superior Court Judge, Boards of Education, City Councils, City Attorney, County Supervisor, and so many more are depending on us to deliver for them -- so that they'll be elected and deliver for us."

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Vote for Your Convention Delegates!

April 27, 2016 The Chair's Corner

"We've all heard a lot about delegates, superdelegates, and contested conventions in this crazy presidential campaign. Each state party makes its own rules about who can vote in their primary election or caucuses and how they select their delegates. This Sunday, May 1, between 2:00 and 3:00 p.m., every registered Democrat in California has the right to cast a vote at a caucus in his or her Congressional District. If you would like to vote for either Bernie or Hillary delegates, click here to find a complete list of all their caucus locations." 

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Time to Re-Elect Dave Roberts for County Board of Supervisors

April 20, 2016 The Chair's Corner

"This year, one of our most important priorities is re-electing Supervisor Dave Roberts to the County Board of Supervisors in District 3. Dave has expanded community health services, protected open space, supported law enforcement and firefighters, and brought green jobs to the city.  Dave has worked tirelessly to represent the communities in his district. Dave has moved the Board of Supervisors forward, and now is not the time to retreat."

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Earth Day, the Environment, and the Democratic Party

April 14, 2016 The Chair's Corner

"The evolution of the environmental movement, from the tree-huggers of the 1970s to today's global awareness of climate change, is a testament to the persistence of activists and scientists whose passionate advocacy and research data have merged into a powerful force for conservation and sustainability. The Democratic Party, from the national level to our local municipalities, is on the forefront of preparation for climate change, conservation, renewable energy, and sustainability. The work never ends."

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Become a Delegate to the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia

April 8, 2016 The Chair's Corner

"Every morning starts with the California Delegation Breakfast featuring a super-star lineup of Democrats. You can choose from many activities during the day until the main event. Unlike the highlights that Americans see on TV, delegates attend the actual convention from about 3:00 PM to 10:00 PM every day. Delegates hear rousing speeches, watch inspirational films and enjoy outstanding entertainment. It all builds over several days until the roll-call vote to name our candidate."

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Ed Harris for Mayor: A Campaign About Our Future

March 24, 2016 The Chair's Corner

"Mayoral candidate Ed Harris was endorsed by the County Democratic Party this week. Ed is a Marine veteran, a lifeguard sargent who has served the citizens of San Diego for 26 years, and president of the San Diego Lifesaving Association. Ed is a father with young children in San Diego schools and an environmentally progressive property owner in the city. So why does someone who has a comfortable life and successful career decide to rock the boat and enter a high-profile race for mayor of the eighth-largest city in the United States? Here are a few reasons."

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