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The Chair's Corner

Living Our Values and Raising the Minimum Wage

March 18, 2016 The Chair's Corner

"Who are we? What matters to us as individuals and members of a community and society? Those are the questions underpinning the vote to increase the minimum wage and provide earned sick days in the citywide referendum soon facing San Diegans. As Democrats, we believe that ensuring that people can cover their basic expenses is fundamental to the economic health and well-being of society at large."

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The Exciting Race for San Diego's Council District 1

March 11, 2016 The Chair's Corner

"Barbara Bry, whom the Democratic Party endorsed last month, is an exceptionally strong candidate. She draws support from every major constituency in the district where she raised her family. A successful serial entrepreneur who is deeply involved in the high tech-innovation economy, she has published a regular business column and taught at the Rady School of Business at UCSD. I have no illusions about the challenges ahead, but our prospects are increasingly strong."

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San Diego County's Young Democrats Are Stepping Up

March 3, 2016 The Chair's Corner

"Delegates and guests at last weekend's California Democratic Party Convention in San Jose got to hear from every single one of our statewide Democratic officeholders. These dynamic, visionary, and hard-working elected officials are getting the job done. In addition, San Diego County brought its largest delegation ever of Young Democrats, many of whom were elected to leadership positions and are now ready to make their mark the state level."

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It's Time for U.S. Senators to Do Their Job

February 25, 2016 The Chair's Corner

"Conservatives cloak themselves in the Constitution to frame their self-serving arguments, but this blatant display of arrogance and manipulation is unprecedented. President Obama has stated forcefully that he will fulfill his obligation to make a nomination, and Senate Democrats are already pushing back. It's time that we all did."

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As the County Party Grows, the Candidates Keep Lining Up

February 18, 2016 The Chair's Corner

"We've come a long way since the days when there was little connection between Democratic candidates and the local Democratic Party. Now we are engaging and supporting more candidates -- and registering and turning out more voters -- than ever. It is truly exciting to see the quality and diversity of Democrats who plan to run in June or November."

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Message from New Hampshire: “California, Here We Come!”

February 12, 2016 The Chair's Corner

"If Democrats are driven to the polls by an exciting primary contest between Clinton and Sanders, we are more likely to prevail in our other priority races.  I can only hope that the roadshow that started with a squeaker in Iowa and a whopper in New Hampshire will reach our golden shores and lead to Democratic victories from San Diego to the White House in 2016."

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Could Politics Jeopardize Public Access to California Coast?

February 5, 2016 The Chair's Corner

"Every now and then, rather than our traditional Chair's Corner, I would like to share a piece by one of our local elected officials. This week, Imperial Beach Mayor Serge Dedina discusses political threats to the California Coastal Commission."

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Progress and Setbacks in the Fight for Justice

January 22, 2016 The Chair's Corner

"This week San Diego, along with the rest of the country, honored the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Every community and cause can find a way to connect to the legacy of Dr. King, because that legacy is rooted in one thing: the fight for justice. From protecting voting rights and fighting racial profiling to ending gun violence, progress is being made."

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An Introduction to Your County Central Committee

January 14, 2016 The Chair's Corner

"What is the County Democratic Central Committee? Who are its members, and how can you become one? Our mission is to elect Democrats to office who will transform our priorities into policies. We work to recruit a candidate for every office in the county, endorse those Democrats we deem most qualified, and help elect them by informing and turning out our voters. If you’re interested in running for Central Committee this year, the filing period is now open!"

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How Democrats Endorse, from President to School Board

January 7, 2016 The Chair's Corner

"For my first blog post of this election year, I'd like to get a litttle technical. A lot of people ask me how our Party makes decisions about the candidates we endorse. The endorsement of the Democratic Party at all levels is valuable. So this week, I’m going to take a little time to explain how this process works, from the top to the bottom of the ticket."

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