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The Chair's Corner

Wrap-Up Thoughts for 2015

December 16, 2015 The Chair's Corner

"As we wrap up the 2015 political year, it's good to take a breath and a break from the frantic pace of the news cycle. Let's take a moment to reflect on the progress that Democrats have made from the White House to the State House to communities throughout San Diego County. This will be the last Chair’s Corner of the year, so I wish you and your loved ones healthy and happy holidays! I look forward to working with you in 2016." 

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Human Rights, Refugees, and San Diego

December 10, 2015 The Chair's Corner

"Whether we are talking about the rights of Syrian refugees, the rights of black Americans, child soldiers, girls being trafficked for sex, or students being shot while at school, a discussion on human rights seems very timely. Not just because it’s Human Rights Day, but because of the upheaval that is putting record numbers of people at risk in conflicts here and around the world."

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Stop the Madness

December 3, 2015 The Chair's Corner

"People are dying in schools, churches, shopping malls, movie theatres, healthcare offices, government buildings, and private workplaces. They are dying on sidewalks, on streets, and in their homes.These shootings happen every day. Sometimes multiple times a day. Most of the time, we don’t even hear about them. There have been more mass shootings than days this year. 355 shootings: 337 days. Twenty days this year have seen four or more mass shootings. Honestly, I have to wonder if we are even trying."

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Thankful for Democracy

November 25, 2015 The Chair's Corner

"I am thankful for a system of government that allows its citizens to work to improve it. The American system allows for dissent and diversity, difference of opinion and of culture. It is constantly adapting to balance between personal freedom and societal necessities. It is a never-ending experiment that is as fascinating as it is meaningful. I am thankful for democracy. Even if it gets messy sometimes."

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Cracking San Diego's Affordable Housing Challenges

November 19, 2015 The Chair's Corner

"Businesses are having a harder time recruiting workers. Middle-class teachers, firefighters, police officers, engineers and others are already feeling the squeeze. The income threshold of the working poor is creeping into ranges traditionally considered middle-class. Working families, senior citizens, veterans, students, and people with disabilities are having a harder time making ends meet. Poverty is on the rise. Why? To borrow a phrase from a smaller, but vocal, political party: 'The rent is too damn high!'"

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Veterans Help Veterans Help Themselves

November 11, 2015 The Chair's Corner

"I do not presume to personally know or understand the trauma of war, the bonds of brotherhood or the dissonance of reentry into civilian life. But I do know a few veterans who are driven to help others through the darkness of combat trauma. As we honor our veterans this week, I want to share some stories with you about veterans who were compelled to find a meaningful way to help fellow veterans heal, cope with the mental and physical scars of combat, and succeed." 

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Countdown to 2016: Gearing Up to Win

November 5, 2015 The Chair's Corner

"The SDCDP office today seems quiet to a casual visitor -- and when compared to election season, it is. But the groundwork is being set for a countywide grassroots operation that will reach hundreds of thousands of voters and ensure that we win seats from Oceanside to San Ysidro, and from Sacramento to Washington, D.C."

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A Convention that Inspired, Motivated, and Impressed

October 29, 2015 The Chair's Corner

"To say that our 6th Biennial San Diego County Democratic Convention was a success would be an understatement. The event offered all Democrats the opportunity to participate and engage with the Party in a special way. It was inspiring, energizing, and motivating. And it was a clear sign of the changing political landscape of San Diego County and the growing influence of Democrats."

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Democratic Values Become Law in Sacramento

October 22, 2015 The Chair's Corner

"While many other states, and the federal government, are dealing with dysfunctional legislatures that can barely agree on a state bug, Californians have voted for a Democrat-led government that is as strong on pragmatism as it is on policy. After spending recent years navigating us out of the recession and budget crisis, leading the nation in job growth, and boosting the paychecks of millions of workers, this year’s session seemed to be focused on the critical issues affecting California and issues of personal importance to Californians."

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Who Wins When Democrats Debate? Impressions from the Inside

October 15, 2015 The Chair's Corner

"In a striking contrast to the reality-TV antics of the Republican debates, viewers in the audience and across the country heard candidates fighting for a better and more equitable deal for all Americans. There was no fear-mongering, denigrating of our country's leadership, or demonizing of immigrants. Instead, we heard seasoned political veterans who stood by their records and were willing to challenge individuals and organizations who control an inordinate amount of our nation's wealth and political influence."

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