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The Chair's Corner

Democratic Candidates Take Center Stage

October 7, 2015 The Chair's Corner

"When the Democrats running for president take the stage on Tuesday, October 13, at 5:00 p.m., they will be debating issues that have never entered the Republicans' conversation: climate change, college debt, immigration reform, gun control, justice reform, early childhood education, economic inequality. Voters will hear a discussion that resonates with their immediate concerns and their hopes for the future. We look forward to sharing this exciting event with you!"

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Who's Guarding Our Lifeguards?

September 30, 2015 The Chair's Corner

"In this job, I see a lot of fundraisers. Yesterday, however, was different. They were raising money to cover expenses for a lifeguard who broke his neck while on duty. A lifeguard who needed our help because the city refused to provide adequate coverage. I was shocked. Please join me in urging the Mayor and Republican councilmembers Zapf, Kersey, and Sherman to support the men and women who put their lives on the line for us."

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Newly Elected Democrats Are Making Their Mark

September 25, 2015 The Chair's Corner

"The 2014 election was dismal for Democrats nationally, but it was not all doom and gloom in San Diego County. Sixty-four percent of our endorsed Democratic candidates were elected, and 2015 saw 20 freshman Democratic officials taking the oath of office. These new leaders are finding their footing in public office as they serve their constituents and transform our values and priorities into policies."

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Democratic Leadership is Strong ... Even in Congress

September 17, 2015 The Chair's Corner

"San Diego is fortunate to have a majority-Democratic congressional delegation that has worked tirelessly on our behalf. Congresswoman Susan Davis, Congressman Juan Vargas, and Congressman Scott Peters are thoughtful and hard-working leaders who really research issues and make tough decisions.They do not always agree with each other, and we may not always agree with them, but together they have fought hard to represent San Diego County in Washington, D.C."

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"Black Lives Matter" and the Push for Reform

September 10, 2015 The Chair's Corner

"Millions of Americans have seen the scales of ignorance, naiveté, and indifference fall from their eyes with each incident, each video, each name. Solidarity in itself is important – and essential – but not enough. While our country continues to grapple with larger social and cultural issues related to race, we have an urgent need to enact policies at all levels that will make 'Black Lives Matter' more than just words."

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Labor Works for All of Us

September 3, 2015 The Chair's Corner

"Thanks to organized labor's decades of standing up to powerful political and corporate interests, most American workers are now guaranteed the same benefits whether they belong to a union or not. Labor Day is so much more than a day off: it’s a reminder of all the progress that has been made, and the challenges that remain, for American workers."

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Milestones on the Road to Women's Equality

August 28, 2015 The Chair's Corner

"His Holiness the Dalai Lama said that western women would save the world. He's probably right. But not all western women have equal access to those educational and economic benefits; those who do are the beneficiaries of a long, hard fight for equality. And the fight isn’t over."

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Democrats Are Working to Solve the Student Debt Crisis

August 21, 2015 The Chair's Corner

"It's back to school time, and a lot has changed since I was kid. Public colleges and universities were affordable, and student debt barely existed. Now, student loan debt is the Godzilla of the Gen X and Millennial generations, crushing their economic dreams under financial burdens."

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Benefits Far Outweigh Costs When it Comes to Climate Action

August 12, 2015 The Chair's Corner

"Globally, 2014 was the hottest year on record, and 2015 is on pace to break the record yet again. Climate change puts lives and national security at risk and costs our economy hundreds of billions of dollars. While climate change is a global problem, many of the solutions are local. We can’t afford denial or delay. Isn’t San Diego worth it? 'Sorry, it was just too hard' isn’t an acceptable answer when the consequences are so grave." 

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The Fight to Vote Lives On

August 6, 2015 The Chair's Corner

"On this day in 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the single most effective piece of civil-rights legislation ever passed by Congress, the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Fifty years later, the fight continues. It is now up to Congress to repair the damage to the Voting Rights Act done by the Supreme Court. But it’s up to each of us to be vigilant and continue to protect every eligible voter’s right to cast a ballot and have it counted."

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