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Our chartered Democratic clubs are part of the backbone of the San Diego Couty Democratic Party. Clubs represent active Democrats in various geographic, affinity, and demographic communities. Membership is open to all registered Democrats who support the principles of the Party. A Calendar of Club Meetings is provided on this page so you can see a month-at-a-glance and get more information about individual meetings.

Our clubs strengthen the Party by building an organization of capable and experienced leaders and volunteers. Their activities include issue advocacy, candidate forums, education, precinct organizing, voter registration, and social events. Each club has a respresentative at Area and Central Committee meetings. Many clubs endorse candidates and provide critical support to elect Democrats in San Diego County.

To read more about what clubs across the county are doing, check out

For general questions about Democratic clubs, contact or call (858) 277-3367.




Click on a meeting for a popup window with more information. Please check the club's website or contact a club officer to confirm meeting date, time and location.