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Democratic Candidates 2018

November 6, 2018 General Election

  • Top-two Run-off Election for races from June Primary with exception of some County races determined in Primary. Includes Federal, State, Educational, Cities of Chula Vista and San Diego
  • General Municipal Election for Carlsbad, Coronado, Del Mar, El Cajon, Encinitas, Escondido, Imperial Beach, La Mesa, Lemon Grove, National City, Oceanside, Poway, San Marcos, Santee, Solana Beach, Vista
  • Board Member Elections for County School Districts and Special Districts (Community Planning, Community Services, Fire Protection, Healthcare, Irrigation, Public Utility, Water).

Key:  endorsed,  qualified, * incumbent Democrat, name in blue links to candidate's website. Candidates without a checkmark did not seek or receive an endorsement. Offices with no names listed do not have a Democrat in the race. 

For a downloadable list of our endorsed candidates and ballot measures go to 

Democratic candidates: If you have a website to add to your name, please contact the SDCDP office or email

State Offices 

Governor:  Gavin Newsom
Lt. Governor: Ed Hernandez, Eleni Kounalakis
Attorney General:  Xavier Becerra*
Controller:  Betty T. Yee*
Treasurer:  Fiona Ma
Secretary of State:  Alex Padilla*
Insurance Commissioner:  Ricardo Lara
Board of Equalization
4th District: Mike Schaefer
State Senate
District 36:  Marggie Castellano
District 38:  Jeff Griffith
District 40:  Ben Hueso*
State Assembly
District 71:  James Elia
District 75:  Alan L. Geraci
District 76: Tasha Boerner HorvathElizabeth Warren
District 77:  Sunday Gover
District 78:  Todd Gloria*
District 79:  Shirley Weber*
District 80:  Lorena Gonzalez*

Educational Districts

California Superintendent of Public Instruction 
 Tony ThurmondMarshall Tuck
Community College
Grossmont Cuyamaca Board
  Area 1:  Linda Cartwright
  Area 2:  Debbie Justeson
  Area 5:  Brad Monroe
MiraCosta Community College Board
  Area 1: Anna Pedroza*
  Area 2: Rick Cassar*
  Area 6: David Broad*
  Area 7: William Fischer*
Palomar College Board (2 Seats):
 Mark Evilsizer*,  Lee Dulgeroff
San Diego Community College Board
  District A:  Maria Nieto Senour* 
  District C: Craig Milgrim
  District E:  Sean Elo, David Alvarez 
Southwestern Community College Board
  Seat 2:  Nora E. Vargas
  Seat 4:  Leticia CazaresNicole Jones
  Seat 5: Tim Nader*

K-12 School Boards
Alpine Union  (3 Seats):
Bonsall Unified (3 Seats):
  Brian Olson
Borrego Springs Unified (2 Seats):
  Curt Yaws
Cajon Valley Union:
  Area 1:
  Area 2:
  Area 3:
Cardiff Elementary (3 Seats):
Carlsbad Unified:
  Area 1: Veronica Williams*
  Area 4:
  Area 5:  Kathleen Rallings
Chula Vista Elementary (3 Seats):
  Seat 1:  Francisco Tamayo*
  Seat 3:  Leslie Bunker*
  Seat 5:  Eduardo Reyes*, Kate Bishop
Coronado Unified (3 Seats):
Dehesa Elementary (3 Seats):
Del Mar Union (3 Seats):
  Gee Wah Mok Douglas Rafner*
Encinitas Union Elementary (3 Seats):
  Marla Strich*,  Christian Adams*
Escondido Union Elementary (3 Seats):
  Area 4: Georgine Tomasi
Escondido Union High (3 Seats):
Fallbrook Union Elementary (3 Seats):
  Patty de Jong*,  Susan Liebes, Patrick Rusnell*,
   Caron Lieber, Eren Melendez
Fallbrook Union High (3 Seats):
  Elana Sterling, Diane Summers,  Lita TabishSherry Ludwig*
Grossmont Union High (3 Seats): Peggy Elizabeth Weaver
Jamul Dulzura Elementary (3 Seats):
Julian Union Elementary (3 Seats):
Julian Union High (3 Seats):
  Danielle Woodward
La Mesa Spring Valley Elementary (3 Seats):
  Rebecca McRae,  Charda Fontenot
Lakeside Union Elementary (3 Seats):
Lemon Grove Elementary (3 Seats):
   Timothy Shaw*, Yajaira Preciado
Mountain Empire Unified (4 of 7 Areas):
  Area 3: Rob Romero
National Elementary (3 Seats):
   Gonzalo Quintero, Maria Betancourt-Castañeda*, Maria Dalla*,
  Alma Sarmiento*, Thelma Sanchez, Randi Castle
Oceanside Unified (3 Seats):
  Area 1: Eric Joyce, Esteban Balderas
  Area 2:
  Area 3: Ann Corwin, Stacy Begin
Poway Unified:
  Area B: Kimberly Garnier,
    Kevin Juza
  Area C:  Terry Norwood
  Area D:  Michelle O'Connor Ratcliff*
Ramona Unified (3 Seats):
Rancho Santa Fe Elementary (3 Seats):
San Diego Unified  (districtwide election)
  District B:  Kevin Beiser*
  District C:  Michael McQuary*

San Dieguito Union High:
  Area 1:  Amy Flicker
  Area 3: Rhea Stewart
  Area 5:  Kristin Gibson
San Marcos Unified:
  Area C:
  Area B:
  Area E:  Stacy Carlson, Christina Linden

San Pasqual Union Elementary (3 Seats):
    David Hersey,  Dara Czerwonka
San Ysidro School District (3 Seats):
   Humberto Gurmilan, Rodolfo Lopez
  Irene Lopez*
Santee Elementary (3 Seats):
Solana Beach Elementary (3 Seats):
   Debra Schade*, Vicki King,  Gaylin Allbaugh
South Bay Union Elementary (3 Seats):
  Melanie Ellsworth*, Elvia Aguilar*, Louis Barrios,
   Mary Doyle
Spencer Vly Elementary (2 Seats):
Sweetwater Union High
  Area 1:  Arturo Solis*
  Area 3:  Frank Tarantino* 
  Area 5:  Paula A Hall*
Vallecitos Elementary (3 Seats):
  Martin Kurland*
Valley Center Pauma Union (3 Seats):
  Craig Adams, Wendy Heredia
Vista Unified
  Area 2:  Carol Weise Herrera
  Area 3:  Martha Alvarado 
Warner Unified (3 Seats):

Federal Offices

US Senate 
  Kevin De Leon, Dianne Feinstein*
Congressional Representatives 
District 49:  Mike Levin
District 50:  Ammar Campa-Najjar
District 51:  Juan Vargas*
District 52:  Scott Peters*
District 53:  Susan Davis*

Judicial Offices

San Diego Superior Court
Office 37:  Matt Brower

County Offices

Board of Supervisors
District 4:  Nathan Fletcher
District 5:  Michelle Gomez

City Offices 

Mayor:  Cori Schumacher
City Council District 1: Linda Breen Barbara Hamilton
City Council District 3:  Priya Bhat Patel
Chula Vista
Mayor:  Mary Salas
City Attorney:  Andrew Deddeh
City Council District 1:   Mark Bartlett ​
City Council District 2:   Jill Galvez
City Council (2 seats):  Mary Sikes
Del Mar
City Council (2 seats): Dwight Worden*
El Cajon
City Council District 1:
Mayor:  Catherine Blakespear*
City Council District 3:  Jody Hubbard
City Council District 4:  Joe Mosca
Mayor:  Paul "Mac" McNamara 
City Council District 1: Consuelo Martinez
City Council District 2:  Vanessa Valenzuela
Imperial Beach
Mayor: Serge Dedina*
City Council (2 seats): Ed Spriggs*,  Paloma Aguirre
La Mesa
City Council (2 seats):  Dr. Akilah Weber Dave Myers
Lemon Grove
City Council (2 seats):  Jennifer Mendoza*
National City
Mayor:  Alejandra Sotelo-Solis 
City Council (2 seats):  Mona Rios*,  Jose Rodriguez
City Treasurer:  Victor Roy
City Council District 1:  Chuck Lowery Esther Sanchez
City Council District 2: Terry Johnson Sr.,   Larry Kornit, Kristopher Kagan, Dana Corso

Mayor: Emily Johnson
City Council District 1: Peter Neild
City Council District 3:
At-Large: Torrey Powers

San Diego 
City Council District 2:  Jennifer H. Campbell MD
City Council District 4:  Myrtle Cole*Monica Montgomery
City Council District 6:  Tommy Hough
City Council District 8:  Antonio MartinezVivian Moreno
San Marcos
Mayor: Chris Orlando
City Council District 1: 
City Council District 2:  Randy Walton
City Council (3 seats):
District 1: Evlyn Andrade-Heymsfield
District 2: Rudy Reyes
District 3: Lynda Marrokal
Solana Beach
City Council (2 seats): Kristi Becker,  Kelly Harless, Craig Nelson
City Council District 1:  Corinna Contreras
City Council District 4:  Tazheen Nizam

Other Districts 

Alpine Fire Protection District (3 seats)
Patrick Price*
Borrego Water District (3 seats)
Kathy Dice, Dave Duncan
Decanso Water District (2 seats)
Gary Lee Sanner
Deer Springs Fire Protection District (3 seats)
Robert Osby*
Fallbrook Community Planning Group (7 seats)
Mark Mervich
Fallbrook Regional Health District (3 seats)
Kate Schwartz, Armando Telles
Grossmont Healthcare District (2 seats)
Edward Martinez, Gloria Chadwick*
Helix Water Board
District 1:  Dan McMillan*
Jacumba Community Services District (3 seats)
Lonna Jean Marshall*
Julian-Cuyamaca Fire Protection District (2 seats)
Patricia Landis
Leucadia Wastewater District (2 seats)
David Kulchin
Otay Water Board
Division 1:
Division 3: 
Palomar Health Board (4 seats)
Dale Bardin*
 Hans Christian Sison*
Linda Carol Greer
Vanessa Gutierrez
Pauma Valley Community Services District (3 seats)
Richard Henry Nolan
Rancho Santa Fe Community Services District (3 seats)
Bill Hinchy*
San Dieguito Community Planning (6 seats)
Seat 12: Mid Hoppenrath*
Santa Fe Irrigation
Division 3: Marlene King
South Bay Irrigation Board
Division 1:  Steve Castaneda* 
Division 4: Jerry Thomas,  Hector Martinez
Spring Valley Community Planning (7 seats)
Chris Pearson*, J. Scott Shaffer*
Sweetwater Community Planning (7 seats)
Shane Parmely, Anthony Tieber
Tri-City Healthcare Board
Division 2: Laura Mitchell*
Division 4: George William Coulter, Erubey Lopez
Division 6: Tracy Younger

Valle de Oro Community Planning Group (7 seats)
Kouwthar Muhssancookie, Catherine Gerhart

Ballot Measures

Vote YES on: 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 10, 12, D, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, O, Q, S, U, V, X, Z, CC, DD, GG, HH, JJ, LL, MM, NN, PP, QQ, VV, YY

Vote NO on:  5, 6, 11, A, B, C, E

Statewide Propositions download more information

1: YES
2: YES
3:  no position
4: YES
5: NO
6: NO
7: YES
8: YES
9:  not on ballot
10: YES
11: NO
12: YES

A: NO Charter Clean-Up Amendments 
B: NO Over-Representation of Unincorporated Areas
C: NO Pension Stabilization Funds
D: YES Full Voter Participation Act

City of San Diego
E: NO Soccer City
H: YES School Board Term Limits
J: YES Business Interests Disclosure 
K: YES Closing City Council Term-Limit Loophole
L: YES Compensation for City Elected Officials
M: YES Audit Committee Reappointments 
N: YES Disability Benefit for Police Officers<./p>

Other Cities
Q: YES Cannabis Business Taxes (Chula Vista)
U: YES Housing Plan Update (Encinitas)
V: YES Cannabis Business Tax (La Mesa)
W: YES Residential Rent Control (National City)
X: YES Half-Cent Sales Tax (Oceanside)
Z: YES Cannabis Sales Authorization and Use Tax (Vista)

S: YES Bonds for School Repair and Construction (Santee School District)
CC: YES Board Member Term Limits (Southwestern Community College District)
DD: YES Bonds for Education and Construction (Sweetwater Union High School District)
GG: YES Bonds for Education and Construction (Borrego Springs Unified)
HH: YES Bonds for Education and Construction (Carlsbad Unified)
JJ: YES Bonds for Education and Construction (Mountain Empire Unified)
LL: YES Bonds for Education and Construction (South Bay Union)
MM: YES Bonds (Del Mar Union)
NN: YES Bonds for VIP Village Preschool Repair and Construction (South Bay Union)
YY: YES Bonds for School Repair and Student Safety (San Diego Unified)
VV: YES Bonds for School Repair and Student Safety (Chula Vista Elementary)

Special Districts
PP: YES Parcel Tax for Fire/Paramedic Services (Borrego Springs Fire Protection)
QQ: YES Update Benefit Fee for Fire/Paramedic Services (Julian-Cuyamaca Fire Protection)