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Democratic Party Positions on Ballot Measures (November 2020)

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Statewide Ballot Measures

14 Yes Bonds for Stem Cell Research
15  Yes More Funding for Schools and Businesses; Closes Loopholes
16 Yes Reversing the Ban on Affirmative Action 
17 Yes Grants the Right to Vote to People on Parole
18 Yes Allows 17-Year-Olds Who Turn 18 by the General Election to Vote
19 Yes Property Tax Breaks; Revenue Funds Wildfire Agencies
20 No Harsher on Parole and Property Crimes; Requires DNA Collection 
21 Yes Limit Rent Increases
22 No Repeals AB 5; Classifies Ride-Share Drivers as Self-Employed
23 Yes Regulate Chronic Dialysis Clinics 
24  Neutral Stronger Consumer Privacy Laws
25 Yes Replace Cash Bail System

Local Ballot Measures

City of San Diego A Yes General Obligation Bonds for Affordable Housing
City of San Diego B Yes Charter Amendments Establishing Commission on Police Practices
San Diego Unified School District C Yes Charter Amendment: District only Elections for School Board Members
San Diego Unified School District D Yes Charter Amendment: Procedures to Remove School Board Members for Cause and to Fill Vacancies 
City of San Diego E Yes Removing 30ft Height limit in MIdway- Pacific Hwy Community Plan Area
City of Carlsbad G No City Council Compensation
City of Encinitas H Yes Adopt an Ordinance authorizing commercial cannabis activities subject to certain rules and restrictions
City of Imperial Beach I Yes Imperial Beach Emergency Responsive/ Vital Services Measure 
City of Lemon Grove J Yes Funding general municipal expenses such as fire, safety, roads, and recreation via cannabis tax 
City of Oceanside K Yes Establish limits of three four year terms- consecutive or not- for the offices of mayor and city council
City of Oceanside M Yes Establish Cannabis Business Tax for cannabis retailers, manufacturers, and distributers, cultivators
City of Santee N Yes Amend Santee General Plan to require voter approval for development actions that would increase residential density or intensify land use
City of Santee Q Yes No one should serve as Mayor City Council member for more than 12 years, or three terms
City of Santee R No Establish a three term lifetime limit on city council service and a separate two term lifetime limit on mayoral service
Cajon Valley Union School District T No Make upgrades to school with $125 million in bonds
La Mesa/Spring Valley School District V Yes Make repairs and upgrades to facilities with $136 million in bonds 
Oceanside Unified School District W Yes Make repairs and upgrades to facilities with $160 million in issued bonds 
South Bay Union School District X Yes Limit Board members to three elected terms in office
Valley Center Fire Protection District AA Yes Adopt a measure levying a max. of $820,000 from property taxes annually for maintenance and improvements to services and equipment