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GO Team Overview

What is the GO Team?

Started in 2005, our Grassroots Organizing (GO) Team is composed of volunteers who represent the Democratic party in their own communities. GO Team members reach out to fellow Democrats and likely Democratic voters as friends and neighbors, offering valuable information and the personal encouragement to vote and get involved. Our program of voter contact enables volunteers to maximize their impact and it doesn’t require a huge time commitment. Most important, it’s remarkably effective – we average a 14% increase in Democratic turnout in our GO Team covered precincts. Grassroots action is central to our Party’s strategy for success. It fosters lasting personal connections and builds the Democratic community in every corner of the county.

What are the goals of the GO Team?

Electing Democrats by maximizing turnout and down-ballot voting, promoting the candidates and positions of the San Diego County Democratic Party, and inviting involvement in Party-affiliated events and clubs.

How do I get started?

Contact the GO Team Director at to explore your options. We’ll figure out the best fit for your interests and skills.

What would I be doing?

The backbone of the GO Team are the Precinct Leaders who walk and call voters in their home, nearby or preferred precinct. Precinct leaders carry with them the voter guide that lists all of the endorsed Democrats. They talk with voters one-on-one to answer questions and provide information about the candidates. Precinct Leaders begin their activity about 6 weeks before each election. Precinct Leaders are supported by Community Coordinators who organize our county by zip code and by a team of data volunteers who print lists and enter data. Click here to view a full list of our upcoming trainings so that you can be part of GO Team.

How does this differ from volunteering with a campaign?

Campaigns also send volunteers into precincts – the key difference is they are working to get out the vote for their candidate/initiative while GO Team volunteers are working to get out the vote for the full slate of candidates and initiatives. For endorsed Democratic candidates, the coordinators and the Executive Director work to minimize overlap in precincts where there are GO Team members.

Overlap is more likely to happen in very close races where having “turnout” voters canvassed more than one time or by more than one person results in a greater likelihood that they will vote. Often times campaigns are contacting a overlapping but somewhat different set of voters.

Other organizations, e.g., labor unions, will also send canvassers into neighborhoods. Election laws do not allow us to coordinate precinct coverage with them.

Can I still volunteer for my favorite candidate(s)?

Of course! Candidates often begin months or weeks before the GO Team does and will appreciate your help.

What if I prefer a candidate who was not endorsed?

If they are a Democrat, feel free to volunteer for them in precincts other than your GO Team precinct. It is important that you state you are representative of the campaign instead of the Party since you are an endorser for the SDCDP. If they are not a Democrat, be mindful of the SDCDP policy on endorsing non-Democrats.

I am already involved in GO Team. What resources are available to me?

Our GO Team website (password-protected) is full of resources for people who canvass with GO Team. Current GO Team canvassers can access that website for training materials, election information, and frequently-asked questions.