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Democrat Announces Mayoral Challenge to Faulconer

The San Diego County Democratic Party, issued the following statement to the press regarding the announcement of Gretchen Newsom's candidacy for mayor of San Diego.

ESCONDIDO, CA-- At the 6th Biennial San Diego County Democratic Convention, Gretchen Newsom, political director of IBEW Local 569 and Ocean Beach community leader, announced she is running for mayor of San Diego.

“I wasn’t planning on doing this, but I heard the call and we need to stand up for our communities. We are Democrats, and we stand up for what is right. I am standing here because San Diego deserves strong leadership, and it is up to Democrats to answer that call.“

“I call on other leaders to step forward to serve; I am waiting for you. We are all waiting for you.”

Francine Busby, chair of the San Diego County Democratic Party, responded to the news, praising Newsom for her courageous decision.

“Gretchen is an experienced, informed, and articulate leader who is committed to the values that are important to San Diegans. She will be a formidable challenger to Mayor Faulconer,” said Busby.