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Democrats Protest Cruz During San Diego Visit

San Diego Democrats and allies are organizing a peaceful protest in response to a rally today with Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz at the Town & Country Resort in Fashion Valley. The protesters will gather beginning at 4:30 p.m. along the Riverwalk Golf Course side of Fashion Valley Road, across from the event venue.

San Diego County Democratic Party Chair Francine Busby issued the following statement in response to the Cruz appearance: 

"The Democratic Party rejects the extreme positions and noxious rhetoric of Senator Ted Cruz. We denounce his opposition to women's healthcare and equal pay, voting rights, climate change science, comprehensive immigration reform, LGBT equality, and religious liberty.

"When Ted Cruz recklessly drove the federal government to a shutdown, American taxpayers, workers, and businesses lost 24 billion dollars. While the consequences of his stunt wreaked havoc on people's lives, he was so arrogant as to read bedtime stories to his daughters from the Senate floor. 

"Ted Cruz would be a serious danger to the country as president. If he manages to emerge as the Republican nominee, I am confident that San Diego and California will join a strong majority of Americans in defeating him."