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Party Chair Hayes Comments on Rep. Issa's Retirement


San Diego County Democratic Party Chair Jessica Hayes issued the following statement after Rep. Darrell Issa announced that he will not run for reelection this year.


“After a year of weekly protests, grassroots organizing, and growing progressive momentum throughout the 49th Congressional District, Rep. Darrell Issa is calling it quits. By declining to run for re-election, one of the wealthiest members of Congress is acknowledging he can’t win the seat he has held for 17 years.

“Credit and thanks for this feat should be broadly shared -- not only by the activists who continued their vigorous campaign against Issa in 2017, but also by everyone who worked throughout 2016 to make this the closest House race in the country. 

“This is a day to celebrate the end of a political career built on abuse of power and contempt for the needs of constituents. Despite Issa’s many attempts to kill President Obama’s legacy of healthcare expansion, the Affordable Care Act has proven to outlast him. For so many reasons, the people of the 49th will be much better off when he’s gone.

“Our fight has always been not just to retire Issa, but ultimately to elect a replacement who will help take back Congress and resist the Trump agenda. The more this White House spins out of control, the more important it is for Congress to step up and do its job. In San Diego County, the path to progress runs right through both the 49th and the 50th Congressional Districts. 

“As San Diego Democrats, we should be heartened by today’s news. Next we must redouble our efforts to win. That fight is ongoing, and it requires us to build our coalition and keep our eyes on the prize. Every day now is a day closer to victory on November 6.”


NOTE: Volunteers are welcome to join the Countywide Walk for Progress on Saturday, January 27, to elect Democrats at all levels this year. See details and sign up at