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Party Chair's Statement on Two Mass Shootings

America was rocked today by two unrelated mass shootings on two different coasts, neither apparently linked to terrorism. While such events have become alarmingly frequent, these are the first to occur during the current presidential Administration. San Diego County Democratic Party Chair Jessica Hayes has issued the following statement:

“As San Diegans and all Americans pause yet again in reflection and solidarity for the victims of today's mass shootings, we must be resolute in our commitment to never normalize these horrific acts. Instead, we must renew our dedication to adopting policies aimed at ending the prevalence of gun violence in America.  

“The victims of gun violence, and all of us as Americans, deserve more than thoughts and prayers, as sincere as those may be. Today’s events were not inevitable. Neither was the horror at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando one year ago, nor the countless gun tragedies in schools and malls, theaters and workplaces, before and since. 

“Routine violence need not be our way of life. It has long been time for action in our nation’s capital, even more so after today.”