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Statement on Recent Attacks on Women's Access to Reproductive Care

Several states including Alabama, Georgia, Missouri, and Ohio have recently advanced legislation banning women's access to reproductive care. Will Rodriguez-Kennedy, Chair of the San Diego County Democratic Party, issued the following statement.

"Reproductive justice is a non-negotiable, bedrock principle of the Democratic Party.

"The legislation, the rhetoric, and the actions against women this week is shocking, tyrannical -- and above all, unconstitutional.

"Let us be clear about what this is: it is an all-out war on women.

"The states passing these laws now have harsher penalties for being a victim of rape, than they do for rapists and pedophiles.

"Women are not just incubators for babies. Women are not property of men. Women are our Presidential candidates, our Senators, our Mayors, our Council Presidents, our business leaders, our movie executives, our labor leaders, our scientists, our teachers, our soldiers, our mothers, our daughters, and our sisters.

"If the Republican Party has declared war on women's rights, then that war will be won by women, and the Democratic Party will have your back in this fight."