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Statement in Response to San Bernardino Shooting

Francine Busby, Chair of the San Diego County Democratic Party, made the following statement about the mass shooting in San Bernardino County today.

“I wish I could say I was shocked when I heard the reports of yet another mass shooting,” said Busby. “But these are so commonplace that we are never shocked anymore. Horrified. Frustrated. Scared for our children. But not shocked.

“The scale and proximity of the attack in San Bernardino is what we find shocking. This hits so close to home. Many San Diegans have roots in San Bernardino and are hoping and praying for the safety of family and friends. Our hearts go out to them.

“But that is not enough. It is time that we acknowledge these acts as a form of terrorism. It is time that we focus attention and resources to protect American lives at home with the same determination that we do abroad. It is time for our leaders to stand up, grow a collective backbone, and organize to defeat the gun lobby and bring about common sense reforms that will save lives.

“When our hopes are not enough, our voices and our votes are the only way to stop this madness.”