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Statement on UCSD Parking Enforcement Changes

Following a Transportation Virtual Town Hall, over 800 comments were received and recorded by UC San Diego administration officials from students regarding proposed parking rate changes. Over 90% of those comments expressed opposition to the new rates. Will Rodriguez-Kennedy, Chair of the San Diego County Democratic Party, issued the following statement.

"The UCSD College Democrats have drafted a petition calling on UC San Diego administration officials to reverse their decision regarding recent changes to their on-campus parking rates. Charging higher rates for weekend and evening parking, and eliminating parking for sophomores marginalizes UCSD’s own student body.

"Students are often forced to use their cars on campus because of a lack of adequate transportation options, or are forced to commute to campus because of a lack of affordable housing near campus. In an effort to save money, those students will be penalized despite their best efforts to save money.

"The rising costs of college, housing, and transportation continue to be a struggle and an affordability challenge to those who need it the most. There must be a different approach to handling those costs rather than finding ways to increase funding for projects on the backs of those who need it the most.

"UC San Diego is a world-renowned research university, and while we are proud of their accomplishments as one of the best educational facilities in the world, it is also not an affordable option for many students.

"The Democratic Party stands with our UCSD College Democrats, and all those affected by these rate changes. Further, our Party supports College Democratic leaders at UCSD, SDSU, CSUSM, PLNU, and Mesa College in their fight to prevent unfair and unaffordable tuition and rate hikes across San Diego County."

Here is a link to the petition started by UCSD College Democrats.