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Democratic Chair Denounces Inflammatory Rhetoric in Politics, Links to Acts of Violence

In the aftermath of several episodes of violence occurring at the peak of the campaign season, San Diego County Democratic Party Chair Jessica Hayes issued the following statement:

“The San Diego County Democratic Party condemns the vicious murders of two African-American senior citizens last Wednesday in Louisville, Ky., gunned down by a man who first tried to enter a predominantly black church before moving on to a grocery store. He walked into the store, pulled a gun, and shot Maurice Stallard in the back of the head, then shot him several more times. Then he went outside and killed Vickie Lee Jones, who also died from multiple gunshot wounds.

“We condemn the slaughter of eleven innocent victims in a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pa., leading to what the Anti-Defamation League describes as “the deadliest attack on the Jewish community in US History.” In his last tweet before shooting on Saturday, the gunman blamed Jews for immigration and said he was ‘going in.’

“We condemn the terrorism that occurred last week in the form of pipe bombs sent to numerous prominent Democrats and critics of President Trump – 14 intercepted packages that that could have taken thousands of innocent lives if they’d had their intended effect.

“More fundamentally, we condemn the rise of inflammatory and violent rhetoric in American politics, which cannot be separated from the acts of physical violence taking take place in our communities. It’s time for Americans to reject hate; to restore our belief in the possibility of progress; and to take action by exercising our affirmative, transformative, essential right to vote.”