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Democratic Chair's Statement on President's Address to Congress

San Diego County Democratic Party Chair Jessica Hayes has issued the following statement on the occasion of President Trump's first address to a joint session of Congress tonight: 

“Tonight many San Diegans will join their fellow Americans in watching this president address Congress for the first time. Tomorrow we will continue to join the majority of Americans in resisting the divisive and corrosive agenda presented by Donald Trump and the Republican Party. 

“We have been heartened by the unprecedented political involvement mounted since the election in San Diego County, where voters decisively rejected Trump last November.

"While Republican Congressmen Darrell Issa and Duncan Hunter dodge their constituents and weakly defend the indefensible, regular citizens are holding their own town halls and organizing against the un-American Muslim ban and the inhumane immigration orders. When not a single one of San Diego’s Republican City Councilmembers voted yesterday to stand up for transgender youth in a legal brief, every one of our Democratic members signed on and sent an important message of support. 

“On behalf of the Democratic Party, thank you for fighting these orders and policies, both in the streets and in the courts. We see you. We stand with you. We applaud you for showing the world what America truly stands for. 

"The San Diego County Democratic Party is proud to recognize all the new activism and advocacy groups. Together we will push not only resist, but to enact policies at every level that reflect true American values like fairness, compassion, and responsibility. We encourage the continued movement of local progressives to join and lead local and state Democratic organizations. We are inspired by your dedication and vision. 

“Looking beyond the rabid rhetoric of the president’s speeches and tweets, San Diego Democrats will continue to fight to protect the Affordable Care Act, fully investigate Russian influence in the election, and uphold crucial environmental standards, all while supporting a free and independent press. With planning for 2018 already underway, the momentum to win elections – and create change – is on our side.”