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Democratic Party Files Fair Political Practices Commission Complaint After Lincoln Club Hit Piece Breaks Disclosure Laws

A mail piece funded by the Republican-aligned Lincoln Club completely omitted a mandatory legal disclaimer, leaving voters in the dark about its true source and prompting a complaint to the Fair Political Practices Commission by the San Diego County Democratic Party.

A PAC called "Job Creators for a Strong Economy" -- wholly financed by the Lincoln Club -- has spent more than $200,000 this month lying to Democratic voters about Nathan Fletcher, who is the endorsed Democrat running for Board of Supervisors in District 4.

A mailer attacking Fletcher that hit mailboxes last week failed to include any information about who sent it, violating at least three sections of the California Government Code. However, its return address and formatting matched mail sent earlier by the Lincoln Club PAC, and financial filings confirm that the PAC sent an anti-Fletcher piece around the same time.

"The Lincoln Club and its controlled committee are attempting to deceive Democratic voters to prop up the Club's preferred candidate," noted County Party Chair Jessica Hayes in her complaint to the FPPC. "The Lincoln Club Committee's failure to disclose that it was the source of this advertisement shows they willing to break the law to spread their lies to Democrats. We call on the Lincoln Club stop their deceitful mail campaign and request the FPPC to immediately enforce the law to the fullest extent."

The PAC's first hit piece on Fletcher in May made headlines for the deceptiveness of its content -- targeting Democratic voters with a message cynically crafted to turn them against the endorsed Democrat. Their latest piece went even further by illegally concealing its Republican-backed source. 

The Democratic Party has requested an expedited review of its complaint by the FPPC, since the public's interest in disclosure is high so close to the election on June 5.