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DEMS DELIVER: City of San Diego - Mayor Gloria off to a Great Start

After far too long under Republican control, we have a Democratic Mayor working for us at City Hall -- another one of our celebrated November victories -- and for the first time ever San Diego has elected a mayor who is a member of the LGBT+ community and a person of color.

After a campaign that promised long-overdue progress, Mayor Todd Gloria is off to a promising start since  taking office in December. He campaigned on making sure San Diego invests in its residents and adopts policies that reflect its status as a world-class city. So far he has delivered on some critical aspects of what we’ll need to make that a reality. 

Climate action is one of the major priorities for the San Diego County Democratic Party, and recently Mayor Gloria and other city officials opened a new walkable greenway downtown. The greenway is a good initial step toward a more sustainable and vibrant community. The City partnered with Civic San Diego to complete the project, and Mayor Gloria referred to the space as something that will encourage residents to get out of their cars, which in turn helps achieve the city’s climate action goals.  The walkable space on 14th street is one of six future greenways that will connect in the East Village. 

Another notable accomplishment to recently come out of Mayor Gloria’s office was his proposal of a Climate Equity Fund, unanimously approved by the City Council. The goal of the equity fund is to help underserved communities efficiently address climate change with resources to accelerate projects that will advance climate justice, resilience, and adaptation. As we know, this is a crucial part of the equation when addressing climate action.

The Mayor also released an Empowerment Policy Plan for San Diego’s Black community, outlining plans to take on the most pressing issues facing Black community members. The plan is broken down into six categories: economics, housing and homelessness, police reform, environmental justice, education, and health. It  lays out the actions as implemented, ongoing, or awaiting future implementation. 

In addition to his Empowerment Plan, Gloria also released a reform package on police and public safety. The package includes eleven items, including alternatives for arresting low-level offenders, exploring limits on pretext stops, removal of the city’s Office of Homeland Security from the control of SDPD, and fully supporting the city’s new independent Commission on Police Practices, which was adopted when voters passed Measure B in November. 

We’re encouraged to see leadership directly addressing the role of government in systemic racism and its responsibility to break down those barriers. 

Kudos to Mayor Gloria and staff for helping San Diego live up to its full potential. We look forward to seeing what comes next. Thanks to all of you for making this a reality by helping get him elected!