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Dems Got It Done

Democrats held strategy meetings, walked our neighborhoods, called voters across the state, waived signs at busy intersections, and reached out to friends and family- all across San Diego, California, and the nation, Democrats and allies rallied together in the final weeks of the Republican recall to VOTE NO! Every weekend leading up to this recall, the Democratic Party partnered with community leaders and labor organizations to mobilize and recruit volunteers from all over San Diego County. Dems and allies reached out to their neighbors to remind them how important their their vote is to stop this cynical and costly recall. Thanks to the amazing Democratic community in San Diego, we were able to soundly defeat this Republican power grab! Our volunteers make our county Democratic Party strong, and the positive results we earned are due in large part to the event hosts, grassroots organizing teams, and neighbors that united to protect our communities from this unfair, unneccessary recall process. Democrats and allies turned out and voted, and once again, democracy triumphed in California.