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Jim Desmond's Leadership Failure During COVID

Among the lessons we've been reminded of over the past year and a half is that leadership matters. Most San Diegans have done their part to fight COVID-19 by masking up and getting a vaccine, but not all of our local leaders have been reliable partners in fighting the pandemic. This week our County Party Chair, Will Rodriguez-Kennedy, had an op-ed in the Times of San Diego on County Supervisor Jim Desmond’s failure to meet the moment. It reads in part:  "As someone who’s experienced this virus, I find it extremely reckless to downplay the risks of not following medical advice — to chalk it up to some conspiracy theory. And I find it morally corrupt and cynical to ignore what was done to our community to score political points." You can click here to read the complete piece. Desmond will be up for reelection in 2022 and a high-priority target for our County Party.