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Key Primary Election Results for San Diego County Democrats

On June 5, San Diego County Democrats presented to voters one of the largest, most qualified, and most diverse slates of endorsed candidates that we've ever had. 

Each campaign has its own dynamics, but the "blue wave" we've been expecting was very much in evidence: 

  • More than 600 GO Team volunteers knocked on local doors and distributed nearly 100,000 slate doorhangers (twice what we're used to in a primary).
  • Turnout countywide was about 39% -- up from 27% in the last midterm primary.
  • 87% of our local endorsed candidates will advance to a runoff or won outright.
  • In every statewide race where party was listed on the ballot, Democratic candidates collectively got a majority of votes countywide -- a historic first.  

We're saddened by the losses that we did see, namely our three amazing countywide candidates, who ran vigorous and issue-based campaigns against incumbent Republicans. But Democrats overall had great results in every party of the county. Here are some highlights: 

  • Fears of a “shutout” in Congressional District 49 were not realized: three Democrats competed closely for second place, with Mike Levin now set to challenge Dianne Harkey.
  • CD 49 was the only competitive House race in California where Democratic candidates won more votes than Republicans.
  • Ammar Campa-Najjar is in the runoff in Congressional District 50, where the incumbent got less than 50% of the vote – the lowest ever there for a candidate named “Hunter.”
  • Endorsed Democrat Nathan Fletcher won the most votes and heads to a runoff against Republican Bonnie Dumanis in County Board of Supervisors District 4, where 70% of voters chose Democratic candidates on June 5.
  • In Board of Supervisors District 5, endorsed Democrat Michelle Gomez won enough votes to trigger a runoff against the leading Republican. 
  • In National City, the Republican Mayor failed in his attempt to evade term limits via a deceptive ballot measure. 
  • Two incumbent Democratic members of County Board of Education won outright, fending off strong challengers backed by special interests. 
  • Endorsed Democratic candidates were the top vote-getters in all three races for Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District
  • Incumbent Judge Gary Kreep scored just 32% of the vote, with endorsed Democrat Matt Brower strongly positioned to defeat him in November. 
  • Endorsed Democrat Marggie Castellano won a majority of the San Diego portion of the vote for State Senate District 36 (45% districtwide), showing that the seat can be competitive in November. 
  • In Assembly District 76, due to the top-two primary system, Democrats Elizabeth Warren and Tasha Boerner Horvath are now competing for the win in November. 

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