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Welcome to Our 2021-2022 County Party Leaders

It's official -- the 2021-22 San Diego County Democratic Party Central Committee and Executive Board have been sworn in and are ready to get to work!  
The Central Committee is made up mostly of local activists, elected officials, and everday Democratic voters who were elected on public ballot in the March 2020 primary. Led by newly reelected Chair Will Rodriguez-Kennedy, those
nearly 200 members are ready to get to work to elect Democrats and advance our Party's goals and values, throughout San Diego County and beyond. 

The start of the new Central Committee term also marked some structural changes in the County Party's organization. Our four Area caucuses -- each with its own Vice Chair serving on the Board -- are now five, with the North Area split into North Coastal and North Inland Areas to better serve the large population of Democrats and numerous local jurisdictons in North County. 

We've also elected members to four new committees to help steer the direction of our party: the Committee on Racial and Gender Equity, the Committee on Community Service, the Committee on Issues and Advocacy, and the Committee on Candidate Evaluations. For details, please email