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Resolution Opposing Donald Trump's Immigration Policies

WHEREAS, President Donald Trump signed three Executive Orders in January 2017 addressing a range of immigration issues including the construction of a border wall, withholding federal grants to sanctuary jurisdictions and banning travel from seven Muslim-majority countries; and

WHEREAS, San Diego has a profound interest in this matter, as a significant number of San Diegans are directly impacted, and because we are an international metropolitan region with cross-border travel and trade vital to our economic and social well-being we are on the front line of immigration issues and because we have the nation’s fourth highest population of residents from the seven countries named in the travel ban and,

WHEREAS, the platform of the California Democratic Party states that we, Democrats, “Oppose

efforts by law enforcement agencies in abusing discretion by unfairly targeting, threatening, intimidating, or otherwise harassing immigrants because of their immigration statuses… [and] oppose scapegoating, racial profiling, religious profiling, bigotry, vigilantism, exploitation, and any xenophobic conduct that polarizes communities and denounce actions, by government or otherwise, that keep undocumented immigrants in the shadows of our society;”

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, the San Diego County Democratic Party condemns these Executive Orders, shall continue to actively support our immigrant communities, and will actively oppose government actions and policies that would undermine and damage these communities and our County.