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Resolution to Preserve San Diego City and County Affordable Housing

WHEREAS, the San Diego County Democratic Party Central Committee recognizes and supports that the County and City of San Diego have a long-established policy to increase the availability of housing units at all levels of affordability to provide housing for the entire community; and

WHEREAS, the City of San Diego officials agree that an additional 7,500 affordable dwellings are need yet they agreed to remove 10,000 affordable dwellings since 2011 and an additional 2,400 units are in jeopardy of the same market-rate conversion, like Leisure Life Apartments and PQ Village Apartments; and

WHEREAS, San Diego County has been suffering from an Affordable Housing Crisis since 2013 and is currently experiencing a Hepatitis A epidemic because our local government has disproportionately granted permits to above moderate income housing as opposed to moderate income or low income housing;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the San Diego County Democratic Party supports the redevelopment of existing affordable housing units so long as there is a gain or zero-net loss of affordable housing units to stop the continuous loss of affordable housing in San Diego and;    

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the San Diego Democratic Party or Central Committee shall transmit this resolution in writing to the San Diego Housing Commission, San Diego City Council and San Diego County Board of Supervisors officials.