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Resolution to Support AB 20, The Corporate-Free Elections Act

WHEREAS business entities contribute hundreds of millions of dollars to campaign across California, with over 785 million spent on the 2020 election and current campaign finance laws allow for great potential to manipulate the interests and priorities of elected officials and candidates such that they do not align with the will of their constituents or the people of California.

WHEREAS corporate special interest money erodes public trust in our elected officials, putting into question their priorities and our state’s ability to respond effectively, particularly to ongoing crises of health, climate and economic and social injustices,

WHEREAS 22 states and the Federal government have enacted similar measures which prohibit corporations from directly financing candidates and the US Constitution guarantees a representative democracy for the people and provides no such guarantee for corporate interests, and the California Democratic Party has consistently and repeatedly supported Resolutions calling on our elected officials to address the ever increasing amounts of corporate money spent in California elections,

BE IT RESOLVED that the San Diego Democratic Party supports AB 20, The Corporate-Free Elections Act, the first legislative response to the instruction of California voters who passed Proposition 59, The Overturn Citizens United Act, in 2016,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Democrats in the California Legislature who represent San Diego County should take this resolution as their instruction from their constituents to use all of their constitutional authority to ensure that AB 20 becomes law and that for-profit entities are no longer permitted to directly contribute to candidates for state and local offices in California.

Adopted by the San Diego County Democratic Central Committee on April 20, 2021