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Resolution in Support of Assembly Bill 805 - SANDAG Reorganization

Resolution in Support of Assembly Bill 805 - SANDAG Reorganization

WHEREAS, Assembly Bill 805 has been introduced by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher to reform the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) to restore representation and prioritization of residents who are low-income, people of color, or living in disadvantaged or polluted communities, while also mandating tough new transparency and accountability rules for SANDAG operations including the creation of a full-time, independent Auditor, and

WHEREAS SANDAG is structured so that small, affluent cities have disproportionate power over policy decisions even though they account for as little as 15% of the total population of the County, with a rotating membership and leadership on the Board of Directors that has not demonstrated an ability to reign in a staff culture dismissive of outside criticism and calls for transparency, and that has failed to adequately prioritize reducing greenhouse gas emissions, ensuring quality and accessible public transit for low-income residents of San Diego County or reducing the transportation, pollution and air quality disparities in communities of color, and

WHEREAS SANDAG has been caught acting in bad faith towards the public on numerous occasions, including purposely overstating revenue estimates for Measure A by billions of dollars, and that such behavior is indicative of a culture of contempt for transparency, accountability and fairness, now therefore

BE IT RESOLVED that the San Diego County Democratic Party Central Committee wholeheartedly supports Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher’s AB 805 to increase accountability, transparency and fairness at SANDAG so that major community priorities like expanded public transit for low-income workers, greenhouse gas reduction policies and leadership that is responsive to all communities, including communities of color, will move forward, and now therefore

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the San Diego Democratic Party Central Committee shall transmit said support in writing to San Diego’s Democratic delegation to the California State Assembly and California State Senate and urge them to vote AYE on AB 805.