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Resolution in Support of City of San Diego Climate Action Plan

WHEREAS, in the next 40 years, global temperatures are projected to increase twice as fast as they have in the last 40 years; (2) San Diego regional temperature increases are expected to exceed this trend, the region is already seeing changes in our local climate, and these changes are expected to become more unpredictable and often more pronounced by mid-century; (3) changes in temperature and in rainfall patterns in our region are the driving forces affecting all other major impacts of climate change, such as water resources, coastal flooding, wildfires, threats to wildlife and even public health; and

WHEREAS, climate change resulting from greenhouse gas pollution will impact the health and quality of life for our children and their families; and (2) will disproportionately impact disenfranchised communities who face more pollution and health impacts, live in older, inefficient homes, lack solar energy, lack access to safe and affordable transit, bicycling and walking options to access health care, school, and jobs, and lack resources necessary to adapt; and

WHEREAS, by 2050, if current trends continue, sea level will be 5-24 inches higher making San Diego more vulnerable to beach loss and coastal cliff erosion, coastal flooding will become more frequent and widespread, and there will be greater likelihood of costly damage to coastal homes and businesses, the port and airport, naval bases, highways, and railroad tracks.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, (1) the San Diego County Democratic Party considers addressing climate change to be a critical priority for government action; (2) supports the goals of San Diego's Climate Action Plan draft; and (3) urges the San Diego City Council to act as quickly as possible to strengthen, then pass, a strong, legally binding climate plan that achieves 100% renewable energy by 2035, provides walkable and bikeable neighborhoods for all residents, provides local control and build-out of citywide clean energy programs, creates robust, reliable and affordable mass transit options, creates high-quality careers with skilled training for local residents, provides cleaner transportation options that are inclusive of the needs of everyone regardless of age, gender, race, or income, and includes a revised, strengthened commitment to prioritize investments in neighborhoods that are hit “first and worst” by climate impacts.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that this resolution is sent to all members of the San Diego City Council and the Mayor of San Diego.

Adopted by the San Diego County Democratic Central Committee, September 8, 2015