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Resolution in Support of Gun Safety at All Levels of Government


WHEREAS gun reforms are needed to protect the safety and health of the public in light of the fact that someone in the United States is shot every sixteen minutes making gun injuries the second leading cause of death in the United States.

WHEREAS more children were injured by in firearms than soldiers were injured in Afghanistan; and data suggests that guns are used to commit crimes ten times more often than they are used in self-defense; and gun attacks are five times more likely to result in death than attacks with any other weapon; and most result in suicides, murders, fatal accidents, or fatal domestic violence situations; and two thirds of homicides are committed using a gun; and

WHEREAS it has been estimated that the medical, legal, and societal costs of gun violence has cost the American economy over $100 billion dollars per year; and President Obama has put forth several executive orders to reduce gun violence, injury and death to bypass Congress that has refused to pass any sensible gun legislation that is supported by a majority of Americans and gun owners,

THEREFORE LET IT BE RESOLVED (1) that the San Diego County Democratic Party considers addressing gun violence to be a critical priority for government action; (2) supports efforts and policies, including but not limited to those proposed by President Obama, to reduce gun violence, fund research into the effects of gun violence and gun safety technology, increase mental health services, teach children communication and conflict resolution skills in school, enforce existing laws, expand resources to expand background checks and strengthen gun laws on the local, state, and federal level; and (3) urges candidates and elected officials to commit resources and policy initiatives to reduce gun violence to protect citizens in San Diego, California, and the United States.

Adopted by the San Diego County Democratic Central Committee on January 19, 2016