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Resolution Supporting The Building a Better Early Care and Education System Act

Whereas, AB 378 recognizes the important role family child care providers play in building a strong early care and education system which impacts the children they care for, the families they serve and themselves.

Whereas, AB 378 would give family child care providers the right to collectively bargain with the State so they can negotiate for improvements that impact their work and, create a training partnership to ensure the training offered to providers meets the State’s needs for the overall childcare workforce; satisfies the health, safety, and educational standards prescribed by the State; aligns with the California’s quality rating systems; and identifies and works to eliminate barriers to providers accessing training in order to create a sustainable career pathway for the early education workforce.

Whereas, California leads the nation on strong progressive values, but falls behind 11 other states including Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Washington, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Minnesota and New Mexico in giving family child care providers the right to collectively bargain. We have an opportunity to change that and help position California’s family child care provider workforce to improve their profession and the care and education they provide our children.

Be it resolved that, the San Diego County Democratic Party urges the Assembly & Senate to support AB 378, ensuring the family child care workers receive the dignity and rights they deserve, while providing for the next generation of California.