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Resolution Supporting The Senior and Disability Justice Act of 2019

Whereas, In the last five years, San Diego County saw a 37% increase in crimes against seniors, reflecting a statewide trend as the state’s population of persons 65 and older skyrockets; and


Whereas, Children and adults with disabilities, including disabilities caused by aging, are victimized by abuse and neglect, sexual assault, domestic violence, human trafficking, anti-disability hate crimes, and homicide at much higher rates than the general population – in the case of sexual assault of people with intellectual disabilities, seven times more than the general population. Law enforcement response to these crimes is often inadequate due lack of clear policies and protocols, lack of sufficient training, lack of reporting to law enforcement agencies, lack of timely arrests and emergency protective orders, and lack of accountability; and


Whereas, Senator Ben Hueso has introduced Senate Bill 338, the Senior and Disability Justice Act, sponsored by the California Alliance for Retired Americans, the Elder and Health Law Clinic of the McGeorge School of Law, and the Arc and United Cerebral Palsy California Collaboration, based largely on the 2018 San Diego County Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse Blueprint, to begin to bring about a change in law enforcement culture to correct these serious inadequacies,


Now therefor be it


Resolved that the San Diego County Democratic Central Committee supports SB 338 this year and urges all our legislators to continue to work this year and in the future to end the plague of senior and disability victimization; and be if further 

Resolved that this resolution be transmitted to all members of the San Diego County legislative delegation and to Governor Newsom.