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San Diego’s Democratic Members of Congress in the Lead

Democrats are back in the majority in the House of Representatives, we hold four out of five congressional  seats in San Diego County ... and we're working on that fifth seat! San Diego’s elected Democrats in the House of Representatives have been answering the call of duty to fight against Trump’s divisive political agenda and safeguard the civil liberties of their more than 3 million constituents. From the rights of migrants to cleaning up the environment, from protecting our veterans to ensuring equal pay for all, our Democratic representatives in Congress are taking the will of the people to the heart our nation’s policymaking process.

Rep. Mike Levin (CA–49), San Diego’s newest elected congressional Democrat, serves north coastal San Diego County and parts of Orange County. As a member of the House Committee on Natural Resources and the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis, Rep. Levin has fought to put San Diego at the forefront of the national effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve the quality of our air and water, and improve the energy efficiency of our infrastructure. As a member of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, Rep. Levin has also joined his congressional colleagues in a bipartisan effort to prioritize employment and education benefits for our nation’s veterans. Recently, he co-sponsored the For the People Act, which was passed by the House last month, to tackle cultures of corruption and the dominance of big money in Washington.

Rep. Juan Vargas (CA–51) has been serving southern San Diego County and all of Imperial County since 2013. He currently sits on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, the Committee on Agriculture, and the Committee on House Administration. As the representative of a border district, Rep. Vargas has proactively fought to safeguard the rights of migrants, speaking out against Trump’s border wall as “militaristic political theater” and partnering with Reps. Mike Levin and Scott Peters to monitor and improve the living conditions of families seeking asylum in the United States. Most recently, Rep. Vargas cosponsored the American Dream Employment Act, a piece of bipartisan legislation to lift the ban on DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) recipients from working on Capitol Hill.

Rep. Scott Peters (CA–52) represents central and northern San Diego County – from Coronado to Poway – and has served in Congress since 2013. An outspoken opponent of abuse of power by the Trump Administration, Rep. Peters has recently called for the immediate release of the full, declassified version of the Mueller report, and has spoken out in response to recent reports of government surveillance of journalists and border activists. Currently serving on the House Committee on Veterans Affairs and the Committee on Energy and Commerce, Rep. Peters has also introduced the Federal Disaster Reform Bill to streamline disaster response and helped pass the Landmark Paycheck Fairness Act to reduce the gender pay gap.

Rep. Susan Davis (CA–53) is San Diego’s longest-serving Democrat in the House of Representatives, having served central San Diego since taking office in 2001. Rep. Davis holds 13 caucus memberships, including the Congressional Mental Health Caucus and the Pro-Choice Caucus, and sits on the House Committees on Armed Services, House Administration, and Education and the Workforce (where she also serves as a Subcommittee Chair). Rep. Davis has recently advocated for her constituents by fighting back against efforts by the Trump Administration to repeal the ACA (Affordable Care Act), citing the critical protections the ACA affords to the 130 million Americans currently living with pre-existing conditions. These efforts and many more have earned her nomination as a finalist in the Constituent Services category for the highly competitive 2019 Democracy Awards, which she also won in 2018 for maintaining a positive workplace environment.