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San Diego’s Democratic Supervisor Delivering Progress and Results

County government has started to pass and implement a number of progressive policies in large part thanks to Nathan Fletcher, the only Democratic member of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors. The county has started to listen to, and lift up, the voices of those most vulnerable among us. Since Supervisor Fletcher took office earlier this year, San Diego County government has been pushed to address the most important issues affecting our region. From providing aid to mitigate the migrant crisis, to investing in much-needed support for critical services and programs including child welfare and behavioral health, and on taking action in addressing the climate crisis.

Migrant Crisis

When Trump's hateful rhetoric created a migrant crisis here in San Diego, the county took immediate steps to provide shelter, medical attention, and a safe space for families coming legally through our borders. In January, the County signed a lease agreement with Jewish Family Service of San Diego to operate a shelter with humanitarian aid and assistance provided by the San Diego Rapid Response Network. For more information, check out the KPBS news item here.

Critical Services and Programs

The county has stepped-up its investment in much-needed support to critical services and programs including hundreds of new full-time positions supporting child welfare, behavioral health services, as well as additional staff for the county's refugee services office. For more information, check out Supervisor Fletcher's note here.

Additionally, the county is breaking ground on a regional behavioral health hub where pople can access mental health and substance abuse services near exisiting health care providers. The facility in Hillcrest will provide services such as crisis stabilazation, inpatient, residential psychotheraputic rehabilitation, intensive outpatient, and other related programs and services. For more information, check out the Times of San Diego article here.

Climate Crisis

The County is fighting to reduce toxic pollution and improve our region's air quality by providing funds for businesses, nonprofits, and governmental organizations to transition their polluting heavy-duty equipment to low- or zero-emission versions. For more information on the county's funding, please check out the County News Service article here.

Supervisor Fletcher is also taking the lead on developing an electric vehicle roadmap for the county which includes identifying stratigies and policies needed to accelerate electric vehicle adoption within the County's fleet of vehicles, by county employees, and in the unincorporated areas of the county, as well as identifying funding for more charging stations, and greater statewide advocacy for zero-emission vehicles. For more information, check out the Cleantech San Diego news item.