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Support the County Party

Thanks to a strong local organization and thousands of hard-working volunteers, Democrats now outnumber Republicans in San Diego County for the first time in a generation. Our County Party is committed to electing more good Democrats with each election. 

Everything we do is possible thanks to friends who support our work financially. We are not funded by the State or National Party. Whether our donors can give a little or a lot, they help us keep our doors open, pay for a full-time staff, register voters, recruit and train candidates, cover the cost of communications and technology, and enable us to invest in future successes. 

Please make a contribution today to keep San Diego Democrats going and growing. 

  • JOIN THE DONATE EVERY MONTH (D.E.M.) PROGRAM. This important initiative helps us weather the ups and downs of the election cycle. Our "D.E.M. Stars" automatically give $10, $20, $50 or more each month through our simple credit or debit card processing system. For the Party, it's a vital means to plan for the future based on a dependable monthly income. Please sign up here and enjoy the many benefits of being DEM donor.
  • ATTEND THE ROOSEVELT DINNER.Held every spring, the County Party's awards dinner is our largest annual fundraiser and a great event to celebrate the contributions of our volunteers, candidates, and elected officials. Check our calendar for more information as the season gets closer.
  • HOST A HOUSE PARTY. Some supporters like to hold a small gathering in their homes, inviting friends and neighbors for an enjoyable event opportunity to benefit the County Party. Guests are invited to make a contribution, but just as importantly, they connect with each other and discuss ways to organize and elect more Democrats on a local level. The Party can assist with ideas, invitations, speakers, and other guidance.
  • MAKE AN IN-KIND DONATION. We are always grateful to receive products and services from individuals or businesses who can defray our operating expenses. Please call our office if you'd like to make a donation.

Between our outstanding volunteers and the generosity of our local donors, our County Democratic Party is fortunate to be powered by grassroots Democrats who are dedicated to keeping San Diego "blue". Please click or call if you can help!